What is Stump Grinding? 

While felling a tree might appear to be the most effective method to eliminate its presence, this is not always the case. There are many times when its roots may extend deep into the ground. If these roots are not completely removed, new growth could occur in the near future. This is why many of our clients choose to employ our stump grinding specialists.

Another potential problem with leaving stumps intact involves the possibility that a localised infection will spread into the subsoil and begin affecting nearby trees or plants. In order to remain sure that other elements within your property remain healthy, stump grinding is often the most logical solution.

Thanks to manual labour and the use of portable equipment, Majestic Tree Care can address your stump grinding requirements. We will normally grind the surface of the stump down to a maximum of ten inches below the surface of the soil. This will help to ensure that no future growth takes place.

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