Need a Garden Renovation?

We can create you a pathway or a patio within your garden and would be very happy to give you some options when discussing your garden renovation. There is a huge array of patio paving materials, styles and coloured blocks to choose from and just by adding some well-designed steps, a path and maybe some lighting, you could really bring your garden back to life. We think it is really important to take your time over the selection and find the right style of patio that will compliment your home.

Why Choose Majestic Tree Services

Over the many years of caring for trees, shrubs, and hedges, for both domestic and commercial customers, Majestic Tree Care has built up an unbeatable reputation. All our Tree Surgeons are fully trained, fully qualified and have vast experience and knowledge in a variety of different pruning and felling methods:


Crown thinning – Small branches are removed to thin the crown, reducing the weight & wind resistance of the tree


Crown lifting – Lower branches are carefully removed to increase the amount of light passing through the tree


Crown deadwooding – Branches may naturally die off but can take a while to decay, removing the branches early keeps the tree safe


Crown reductions – The height of the tree is reduced to decrease shading & loss of light, making the tree more suited to its environment


Directional felling – A wedge is removed from the bottom of the tree, bringing it down safely in one piece


Sectional dismantling – Where space is restricted, the tree is carefully dismantled and brought down piece by piece

Areas We Cover

Let's Start Work Together!

Tree surveys should always represent a facet of your approach to long-term property maintenance . To learn more about what we can offer, please speak with us directly.